Our Product Lines

Encore Wire
Complete line of copper and aluminum building wire products, including, NM-B, UF-B,USE, XHHW-2, SEU, SER, Bare Copper, Tray Cable, MC, Feeder MC, PVC Coated MC, AC, HCF, Oversized Neutral, Multi-Neutral, Liquid-tight, Flex, Aluminum building wire, URD & Aluminum MC Cable.  
Cutting, paralleling and bundling services offered, as well as a complete line of building wire available in all sizes and colors. 
Bergen Industries
Temporary Lighting, HID Temp fixtures, Tube Guards, Cord Sets, Lamp Holders.
PVC Fittings, Non-Metallic Boxes, ENT, Spacers, Large NEMA Enclosures and NEMA 4X Non Metallic Troughs.

Steel, Malleable, Die Cast and Aluminum Fittings for EMT, Rigid and IMC Straps, Hangers, Conduit Bodies and NMB/MC Connectors.

Southern Pipe
PVC conduit, Sch 40, Sch 80, EB, DB, TC-6 andTC-8; “So Lite (cellular core), elbows, spacers, custom lengths & custom markings available on pipe.

Wheatland Conduit
EMT, Rigid, IMC and Aluminum Conduit, Elbows, Couplings & Nipples.